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Grow your brand’s reach and authority within your niche and drive quality leads to your business with industry white papers that contain a high level of expertise backed by extensive research and analysis.

The motivation behind the vast majority of search engine queries is to find an answer to a question with the most relevant information about a given topic. Brands that can provide their target audience with high-quality, data-rich content containing valuable insights will stand out as an authority within their respective niche. Furthermore, those businesses that establish themselves as industry thought-leaders will be more successful at generating quality leads and closing sales.

You can significantly enhance your inbound marketing strategy, as well as position your brand as an influencer within your niche by publishing high-impact white papers that support your content, build trust with your audience, and promote your expertise to your prospects.

What are White Papers?

Unlike articles, blog posts, and SEO copy, white papers are a more in-depth, long-form type of content that explains a problem within a specific industry – and offers a well-thought-out solution to that problem. The content is supported by extensive research, key data and insights, and a persuasive analysis by the writer.

However, unlike SEO copywriting, white papers aren’t written to sound like explicit sales pitches to customers. Instead, their goal is to help guide buyers through the different stages of the digital marketing funnel:

  • Recognition of a Problem or Need
  • Search for Relevant Information
  • Consumer Evaluation
  • Purchase Decision
  • Post-Purchase Behavior

Basically, this high-impact, long-form content can help you influence prospective and current customers, as well as inform buying decisions.

Why Should You Buy Ready-Made White Papers?

Industry white papers have been proven to generate quality leads and drive conversions for businesses. That’s why they offer you the greatest return on your investment when it comes to your content marketing strategy.

The biggest hurdle that keeps many small businesses and internet marketers from buying white papers to publish is the high cost of creating them. For example, most writers and content writing services will charge upwards of $10,000 for a white paper. That’s because they require much more research and analysis from the writer than articles and blog posts do. Plus, creating custom content for clients is always more expensive due to it being much more time-consuming.

I offer a more affordable option in the form of ready-made industry white papers that are professionally written, contain the most relevant, factual information about their respective topics based on my extensive research and analysis, and provide readers with a clear solution (call to action) to address a problem or need. You can get an incredibly valuable piece of content with these important benefits:

  • Generate quality leads for your business. Today’s savvy consumers demand value from the brands they engage with before committing to a purchase. With detailed content containing data-backed insights, white papers are much more likely to convert your prospects into leads.
  • Build brand authority within your niche. Publishing long-form content shows your audience that you care about helping them meet their needs – which makes them more likely to care about you. White papers can boost your brand’s reputation by ensuring that your visitors don’t just become customers, but brand ambassadors who tell others about your business.
  • Investment in high-quality content that can offer big returns. You need to look at purchasing a white paper as a major investment in both your content marketing strategy and business. However, unlike most short-form content, it will retain its value for many years.

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