Welcome to my website! I am the founder and CCO (Chief Content Officer) of my very own SEO content writing business: Evan Crosby SEO. I offer customers both original and rebrandable professionally written evergreen articles about a wide variety of subjects related to many of the top internet marketing niches. In other words, I enjoy researching and writing about topics that audiences are interested in reading about!

Like many freelance writers, I got my start writing articles for content writing services. In fact, I still write and sell my premium, unique articles on Constant Content. Constant Content is known professionally for their strict writing standards that their writers must follow.

In addition to selling the full-rights to my original articles on Constant Content, I also offer customers a more affordable option to help them create high-quality content. I sell the usage rights to my rebrandable articles on Gumroad that give you permission to rewrite (to make unique) and reuse them in any way that you want. For example, you can rebrand and re-publish the articles to use for SEO content on your blog or website, as well as use them for article marketing, eBooks, email marketing newsletters, autoresponder messages, subscription-based sites, and material for online courses.

Before I started writing professionally, I had some long-term freelancing gigs that gave me a lot of knowledge and experience in internet marketing:

  • Web Search Evaluation
  • Freelance Market Research
  • Website Testing

I credit my unique background and experience in internet marketing as the primary reason that I can research Google Trends to find the best topics that are really popular with audiences. Then, I take the knowledge that I have learned about a subject and use my mad writing skills to create engaging content about the topic.

When I am not writing amazing content for clients, there’s a good chance that I am enjoying the great outdoors exploring nature. I especially love hiking (year-round) and kayaking (in warm weather). Growing up in the scenic beauty of the Ozarks gave me a strong appreciation for nature. I often write about my hiking treks and outdoor adventures on my blog.

My other hobbies include listening to live music, traveling and visiting new places, browsing antique shops, studying history, checking out museums, and exploring anything cool.

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