Why Content is Still King

Back in 1996, Bill Gates coined the phrase “content is king” in an essay that he wrote about how the Internet would become a marketplace of content in the future. While many digital marketers have grown to loath the phrase – as it’s often used to oversimplify search engine optimization – it’s actually quite true when it comes to good SEO, audience engagement, and conversion rates. That’s because content is what users are looking for when they go online to search for information, browse products and services, and do nearly any digital task. The Internet wouldn’t be around without it.

Good Content is SEO-Friendly

The goal of search engines like Google and Bing is to send their users to the most relevant, useful websites and blogs based on user search queries. Therefore, if you want your site to rank high in organic search results, then you need to invest in creating great content for your audience. Good content includes relevant keywords that are used naturally throughout the text. No keyword stuffing! It also boosts your brand’s authority within your niche. All of these attributes that make great content help make your site more SEO-friendly as well.

Great Content Boosts Audience Engagement

By publishing social media or blog posts that your audience finds interesting and valuable, you encourage visitors to engage with your brand or site. For example, if your content is really great, visitors will (hopefully) take the time to fully consume and understand its message. Furthermore, they might even like and/or comment on the post, as well as share it with others. However, if your material isn’t that great, most of your target audience will likely scroll on by and ignore it. Therefore, we need to clarify that GREAT CONTENT IS KING!

Quality Content Can Generate Quality Leads

Publishing high-quality content can help you build brand awareness and greater authority. By creating greater awareness and authority, you have the potential to generate more (quality) leads for your business. However, great content should be more informative than sales-y. Most of your target audience will want the opportunity to first engage with your brand – rather than get hit with a sales pitch.

Good Content Can Add Value to Your Brand

There are many ways that publishing great material can add value to your brand’s products or services. For example, if you can solve a problem for your visitors or teach them something new. However, it doesn’t have to add a monetary value, but it should be really important to your business. Value-added content like that could be something like a DIY guide or a how-to video tutorial. It provides value to your audience – which in-turn makes your brand more valuable.

Buy Premium Content for Your Site

Not everyone has the time or talent to create high-quality, engaging, SEO-friendly content for their audience. Therefore, you can buy my premium unique articles that are SEO-friendly and ready to publish on your blog or website. I also offer high-quality rebrandable evergreen articles that you can easily rewrite to make them unique as a more affordable option.

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